A flurry of fresh faces rolled themselves out for the launch for some new Blackberry or other recently. They all dutifully posed for photos, some even went so far as to clutch the phone while being snapped, just to remind each other why they were there and, no doubt, what they got out of it.

There's nothing more to report than that, really, so let's take a look at the ensembles. Kelly Brook, who's squished breasts currently grace the cover of Playboy Magazine, is really carving a name for herself over yonder - probably best to make the most of it while she can; those what made her famous will soon become too pendulous for the likes of Playboy. As for now, well, that smart dress (if a little baggy about the midriff) is hoiking them up just lovely. Carry on.

Christina Ricci and Lea Michele, Two individuals who are meant to be a good few sizes bigger than they appear here, used each other as rest support. If I had to choose between these two outfits, Ricci's would win hands down. Michele looks like she's wrapped in statement wallpaper and a pyjama top. In saying that, it's a popular look.

Everyone else looked nice enough. Hello, Anna Kendrick, and so on. Who cares that Felicity Huffman looks like she's off to pick up some bread for the morning, she sure doesn't, she's having a whale of a time; and who cares if Venus decided to borrow Serena's old hair? While we're at it Michelle 'The Key' Trachtenberg, thank you for opting to rock the pale look. As for Kristin Cavallari crawling into a discarded foreskin for the occaision, well, that's just innovative... but there were a few notable exceptions...

Rachel Hunter, you look like 'the goer' at a 20th school reunion. And I don't like this, it's far too crotchular. However, even the person who came dressed as Fred Flintstone's bit on the side, doesn't look as bad as this bird, one Alessandra Toressani. What is this? Has she trained two scaly serpents to cover the last bastion of her modesty, while they regally watch guard over the portal to whatever she's actually chosen to hide from the navel down? Her entire torso looks like some alien who's raised his balled fists to rub his eyes against the camera flashes, while his little mouth goes "oooooooooooooh."