Talk about knowing your audience. We almost wish this was an April Fools' prank for Michael O'Leary's sake but unfortunately it ain't.

According to The Independent, the Ryanair head honcho has had to apologise for a joke that just didn't land at a meeting with British politicians this week. Giving a speech at the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in Dublin, O'Leary opened with:

'It is a great pleasure to be here and in such august company. Addressing such an august body as this reminds me much of making love to the queen of England - you know it is a great honour, you're just not sure how much pleasure it is going to be.'

Had this been said to an audience in Vicar St. on a Saturday night all would probably have been okay, but with some of Britain's top MPs sat in front of him? Not so warm a response. British Conservative politician Andrew Rosindell MP asked O'Leary to withdraw the comments, to which O'Leary responded.

'I happily apologise for my opening remarks. It is always hard to judge the room. It normally is a joke that works quite well and I thought it might work well here, I didn't mean to convey any discourtesy and I apologise if I did.'

And Michael D. has to go face herself next week. Awks.

Via The Independent