Whether or not you're a Ryanair fan, you'd have to admit that Michael O'Leary has done a bit for the country what with all the tourism and jobs and such, and he's looking to add yet another to that list with his latest stunt. 

In case you've missed the hype, Jack Grealish is the next hot young thing, at least in football terms, and thanks to his Irish grandparents we've been claiming him as one of our own.

Of course, he's also been playing in the youth set-up for the national side at all age levels, but as he is getting a few minutes on the pitch with the Aston Villa first team, he is currently mulling over the decision as to whether he'll choose Ireland or England to represent at senior level on the international stage. Now, we'd all be rooting for him to go for the Boys in Green, and it seems we're not alone.

A certain Michael O'Leary, who we all know and love, is making a pitch to sway him towards the Irish team by offering him and his family free Ryanair flights if he chooses us. O'Leary apparently attended the game on the weekend between Aston Villa (who Grealish plays for) and Chelsea, and despite the fact that he didn't get on, O'Leary went to see his agent, and father, Kevin to make his unique offer.

According to The Irish Daily Star, the Ryanair boss contacted the Grealish clan through Facebook to let them know that the flights over to see the young lad make his debut in Dublin would be sorted for the whole family.

He might have other things to consider in the matter as the English FA make their third approach to try and get him to switch allegiances, but if the free flights turn out to be the clincher then fair play, Mike. Still, it seems that he's not rolling out the red carpet too much, as he's only offering it for the debut match, and not a blank cheque to get a quick sun holiday in, or anything like that.

Via The Irish Daily Star