Indeed we do have Dina Lohan's Dr Phil interview straddling two sections today, what with the trailer released on Friday and now 3 excruciatingly bottom-clenching minutes from the interview itself captured courtesy of TMZ.

So why do we have it featured in TV News and Gossip? Well, this segment involves Michael Lohan being holier than thou, and also it's an exceedingly slow news day. Put it this way, would you rather see footage of Kourtney Kardashian pulling child number two out of her own nethers at this hour of the morning? Thought not.

Anyway, after probing Dina about her abusive relationship with Michael Lohan, Dr Phil McGraw had this to say of his interview: "What you have done is distinguished yourself in the negative, you have come on here and been phony and inauthentic. You spent more time talking about cameras, are we rolling... that's my business... we're not here about my business, we're here about your life." And her married life kicked off with her new husband lopping a Bible at her head. Perhaps she was using diversionary tactics as opposed to calmly conversing about the incident? You're a telly Doctor, you work it out Phil.

After a preview clip of the interview was released last week, Michael Lohan took to his pulpit to say the following she needs to come clean about her problems for things to get better. He said: "Over the last seven years Dina has come to such a bad place! The people she surrounds herself with are no better [than Lindsay's], so what kind of an example is that? [Dina] just needs to be honest with herself and others. Only then will her heart get right and our children will find peace! I haven't seen the full interview yet, but from what I have seen and Dina's comments that [the interview] was 'doctored,' I really think it's sad and I feel sorry for Dina!"

Says the man who spent 10 years in jail for insider training; been involved in beating the expectant mother of his seventh child, Kate Major; tried to break into his own daughter's home; jumped off a third story balcony and into a tree to avoid being arrested drink and drug fueled battery last year...

Pot. Kettle. Black.