Here's something that just reeks of a bad idea. But then, maybe it's the celeb version of Transition Year work experience. Things are pretty crazy like that in Hollywood.

Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince Michael, at the tender age of 16, has gone and landed himself a job as a special correspondent for American entertainment news show 'Entertainment Tonight'. His first job? A press junket with Sam Raimi, James Franco and Zach Braff for Oz the Great and Powerful. So no biggie. Jackson is hoping the job will lead to a long career in the entertainment industry, because that's worked out so well for everyone else in his family.

'I'm looking to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor. I've been raised around stuff like this so it was different being the interviewer instead of the one being interviewed.' And he's not keeping his sights set low either, with his eyes on the prize of interviewing Peter Jackson next as he loved to watch the director's movies with his dad.

'I love his movies. 'Lord of the Rings', 'The Hobbit', and 'King Kong'. I just love the way he shoots (and how) he brings things and depicts it back to life. I used to study his movies with my dad, put the volume off and just watch it, just the shots to see how he put it together'.

You would think there was a built in repulsion in the Jackson kids, seeing as they were forced to live such a secluded, mask-wearing life because shows like Entertainment Tonight exist, against working in the entertainment industry, but apparently not. Each to their own I guess. Still, he's no Sophia-Grace and Rosie. Now there are two interview pros.