News of Michael's massive rhino horn obviously got out. There's nothing like that hanging around Keith Duffy's house.

The most unnerving part of this story isn't that Michael Flately reportedly had an African rhino horn on display at his home (you know what the Chinese say about rhino horns *waggles eyebrows*), rather that scumbags decided to rob his house at 6pm of a Sunday evening while he was playing computer games with his son.

The reports: "He was shocked to see dark-clothed figures running from a wing of Castlehyde House. A car then started up and drove away at speed from his driveway. He ran back to the house to check on his family and then discovered that one wing had been broken into and his trophy room raided. The star drove up to the main road to try to follow the thieves but they had made their getaway. But he had apparently disturbed the thieves before they had a chance to take other valuables from the property."

Despite being interrupted, the managed to get away with goods amounting to a reported 400,000 Euro. Yep, that's quite the trophy room Michael's got. And we've not even addressed his horn display yet.

Apparently the gang had been keeping a peeper on the property for quite some time and decided to rob it when they believed Michael, his son Michael Jnr, and his wife, Niamh, were at their home in London. Little did they know the Flately family had decided to go on a hollier.

Seemingly a gaggle of Gardai were at the scene within minutes, and now they're all weighed down with paperwork regarding the houses ample inventory.

The article on adds: "The star has a hunting room in the property which included a mounted African rhino, including its horn. Gardai have confirmed that the rhino horn was stolen but are now checking to see what works of art, jewellery and books may be missing. The star has a famous collection of rifles and shotguns but these are kept in a bulletproof case which was not touched by the thieves... His three-storey library also includes a number of priceless first editions, including such works as James Joyce's Ulysses."

The thieves who targeted Brian and Pippa's house are probably reevaluating things right about now.