Michael Fassbender doesn't see himself as a sex symbol. He may have a touch of body dysmorphia or something. Or - wait, hang on - he's half Irish, that'd explain it.

The actor - who claimed he was flattered to be named the eighth sexiest male movie star worldwide in a poll last year - doesn't believe he's attractive. Even when people like us bleat otherwise, he then tries not to think about how much female attention he gets because it might turn him vain. Naaw.

He said: "I don't see myself as a pin-up. I don't dwell on it. That sort of information isn't good for my own head."

The 36-year-old actor hit the headlines in 2011 for his revealing role in Shame, which saw him unleash the money maker. Such was the impact, it lead to George Clooney thanking him onstage at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards for taking over the "frontal-nudity responsibility."

Fassbender sometimes wishes the remarks about the size of his genitals would stop, but he is adamant he would take on a nudity role again if he was asked.

Chinwagging with British GQ he said: "Of course I would do it again if the film needs it. When filming 12 Years a Slave, [director] Steve [McQueen] wanted me to lose my pants for a particular scene and I was like, 'Steve, come on, we've done Shame already.' Listen, it's not a big deal. I mean half the population has one between our legs and the other half has something else. It's weird how there seems to be so much hype around one man's piece of anatomy. It's just ludicrous, really!"

Ordinarily they can seem ludicrous, yes, but you're the exception, Michael.