Daniel Craig has reportedly been offered a lot of moolah to return as the smooth-talking, ass-kicking spy for at least two more films. In spite of that, it would seem the dream has not died for another actor to step in and take over the role.

According to GQ, Fassbender has the same odds as Damian Lewis, 16/1, to replace Craig with front runners for the role still being Tom Hiddleston, Aidan Turner and Idris Elba.

Fassbender was as surprised as anyone that his name is still in the running – ‘Bond? Is this rumour still going round?’ – and when asked if he would like to play Bond, he answered, ‘to be honest, no. As an acting role, I think Daniel has done such a cracking job in this age group.’

He also said he thought ‘the franchise needs something new’, suggesting that the role needed to be rejuvenated: ‘Bond should be someone in their early twenties… I always thought Bond should be British, but let's get an American in.’

He even supports the idea of having a female 007, another idea that has also been thrown around: ‘How about Jane Bond?’

Fassbender said he is a big fan of Bond, having grown up with him, and also threw out names like Ryan Gosling and Jack O’Connell as possible new Bonds. He also figures the chosen actor ‘won't be anyone on the bookies' lists. It never is.’


Via GQ