Michael Fassbender is our latest pick in the Cool As F**k series, and for good reason. Fassbender would not be known for being overtly stylish, but you don't necessarily have to be stylish to be cool, sometimes cool is style. Michael Fassbender is naturally cool, he pisses it, feck i'd say he's one of the few men in the world who can eat a banana without looking like an eejit. And, sher, isn't he one of our own. A proper Irish gentleman rogue, a man's man. 

Let's take a look at a few examples of this Paddy's relentless suave:

Michael, at the Berlin Film Festival doing nothing out of the ordinary. Classic jacket, navy jeans and black boots. No messing, like.


 The black leather jacketín is the job.

Chilling out in the sun at The San Sebastian Film Festival, and being burnt to a crisp like a true Irishman. He hasn't even bothered to iron his t-shirt (sher, won't it iron itself out in the wind, says you), but that's precisely the reason why this works. Nonchalence at its best.

A few good quality crew necks are about all a man needs when it comes to dressing the upper torso for the summer months. That, and a decent pair of shades. 

Here's Fass just hanging out beside Red Bull's Formula One car. Someone get this man a shaken, not stirred, Vodka Martini, for God's sake.

A jaw that could open a tin of tuna.

He's a good man to throw on a suit, and all. Jaysis, them brógs have had a good auld shining. Shlick.

If there's a trademark in the Fassbender armoury, it's that ear to ear smile. It'd charm the jam out of a doughnut.

100% commitment with this smile. For feck sake, Michael, you should be posing for toothpaste.

If ever there was a marker for true coolness, it's the ability of a man to wear a turtleneck. Michael, following in the footsteps of the Tom Sellecks and Steve McQueens of this world. Legend.

Then, there's the beard test. The making of men fit to wear one, the breaking of lesser men.

Sher we couldn't deny him as our own, the big féasóg dearg on him. Embrace the red, Michael, you're dead right.