The head of AIBA has said that Michael Conlan could be facing disciplinary action following his reaction to his controversial Olympics exit

President of the association, Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu attended all 16 days of the Olympic boxing tournament and believes Rio saw the best competition ever staged at the games. 

He spoke to Associated Press about the Rio Games and when asked specifically about Michael Conlan, he was very critical of the Belfast native's behaviour. 

"He immediately showed his finger to the referee-judges. The IOC says this is totally unacceptable. You cannot humiliate people." he said.

Wu also said that Conlan can expect to face disciplinary action over his conduct. 

"He put himself in a difficult position, I can tell you. A lot of disciplinary action will follow."

When asked about the corruption claims leveled at the association by fans and the media, Wu hit back,saying there has never been any evidence of corruption presented to him. 

"please give me the evidence. I have no mercy to those (corrupt) people. I hate manipulation, corruption."

"Everybody knows I'm only working for sport. I don't have an account, nothing. Even if people wanted to give me money, I have no account. I don't need money. I don't like it." He added.

Wu concluded that Conlan made some serious allegations about the association and that it will now become a legal matter. 

"We always have many bad losers, and once they lose, they're attacking without any reason, no evidence," added Wu. "This is a legal issue. We are bringing all the cases, because without any evidence, accusing an organization of corruption is a very serious allegation. We consult with lawyers. If you don't have evidence, why are you saying the organization is corrupted?"

Via Newstalk