Georgia Salpa in a mini dress (and shoes barfed up by Barbie), Laura Whitmore in short shorts and Nicole Scherzinger's under bum... how did we miss this yesterday?! I've been out of the office nursing one mother of a cold, so apologies for letting such important news slither through the net.

In short, this is the pose Nicole Scherzinger (who featured in the new Men In Black film, hence why she's turning up to all the premieres) was dreaming about when she chose the dress. "I'm going to be JUST like Angelina" her brain burbled. Unfortunately for her, this was the process to obtaining this pose.

She knew things weren't going to be easy when she saw Emma Thompson's dismay after the wind tried to expose a bit of cleavage. There was groin cupping descending the steps, rogue blustery gusts , and then - just when she thought she was safe, and everyone was more concerned with the back of her Cengiz Abazoglu dress (which, apologies, looks like it's being ruled by a rampaging tapeworm) - we nearly saw Paris, and then a bit of of South East France

Again, apologies we didn't get to this pressing news yesterday.