If Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a superhero, he'd be 'MAD STAREY-EYES MAN' (capitalisation most important), and his superpower would be to melt you to the inner core of your very being with his miraculous and terrifying starey-eyes. Unfortunately that's not the case. But let's think about it for just a second. Mmmm.. done. In other news, the actor was arrested at Dublin Airport yesterday afternoon, and charged with two Public Order offences (i.e. he was hammered off his bin and probably trying to surf the luggage trolleys). Meyers is due to appear in court next month on charges of being drunk and disorderly (told ya) and a breach of the peace. A spokesperson for Dublin Airport said that there had been an 'incident' at the airport, with a passenger refused access to a flight to London. He had appeared on Tubridy Tonight the night before to promote new film 'August Rush'. I caught a glimpse of this appearance whilst channel-flicking and immediately closed my eyes lest he melt me. I'm clever like that.