Dublin is finally getting an airport railway system.

Metro-North was announced today as part of the coalition's capital investment plan, and should cost in the region of €2.4 billion.

The rail-system is likely to be completed by 2026/2027, and will run for a total of 27km, with the construction of the line is expected to generate over 3,500 jobs.

30 trams will travel in each direction per hour, with the trams measuring in at 60 metres long, which is twice the size of a LUAS, and are expected to carry up to 30 million passengers a year.

The time from O’Connell Street to the Airport will be just 19 minutes.

The lines will run from St. Stephen's Green to Estuary, but will stop in a number of areas along the way, here's the proposed map in full.

Here's the breakdown for the rest of the coalition's capital plan.

Via The Independent.ie