To celebrate 60 years of UEFA competition, the football organisation are asking for you to cast your vote and help them find the best goal of the last six decades. 

As you might expect, the list is chock-a-block with some absolute screamers and some of the best goals we can ever remember, including a nomination from our own Ronnie Whelan for his goal against the USSR. 

It's desperately hard to pick even a few standout goals from the list, but the big moments that changed the course of finals over the years have to come to mind, including Zidane's goal against Leverkusen and Nayim's screamer against Arsenal for Real Zaragoza, the Man Cave's team of choice in the second division in Spain. 

If you want to spend the next while just watching back over some seriously brilliant goals, and casting your vote, then head over to the UEFA page and just enjoy yourself.