Sooooooo. What did you get upta New Years Eve? Did you hitch your dress up to speed around on a scooter before getting on down to some Beyonce tracks? Congratulations, you just had the exact same NYE as the woman herself! Me, I consumed a bottle of prosecco solo as the fella and the child have belly bugs. Good times.

Instagram was awash with people snapping themselves at P Diddy's party at the Versache mansion on Tuesday, with Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland, yer man Ty Hunter (no idea), Spike Lee and Jay Z (who - if the necklace in the fourth pic below is anything to go by - has recently become Mayor of Miami) all getting on down with the selfies.

As you can see, Drake was also there, spinning a few tunes. Speaking of which, there are some videos doing the rounds of Beyonce gyrating the jelly at the party to her own tracks, as one does at the Versache Mansion on New Years Eve. Unsurprisingly, they're wrong aspect ratio. Everyone be sideways on New Years.

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