Tuesday marked World Mental Health Day, and one particular video opened up a conversation about the importance of realising when other people may be struggling.

English football team Norwich City FC made a simple but very effective video that illustrates how someone who is suffering with mental health puts on a brave face.

It has been roundly acclaimed for its powerful message and has gone viral, with almost 50 million views on X in just two days.

The video sees two football fans taking their regular seats in the stands at Norwich, one of whom is clearly downbeat - while his neighbour attempts to chat and cheer him up as the seasons pass.

Fans praised its succinct messaging, with one writing: "Took me a while but, I finally understood. Great message."

Others said "Wow. What an incredibly powerful video", and applauded it for being "An incredible way to spread an important message. This post alone could encourage someone to ask the important questions and actually save a life. Thank you."

Without spoiling it, it's worth watching til the end.