We've heard of some ridiculous trends, but this is on another level altogether.

'Nutscaping' involves taking a picture of a ball, or perhaps both, in front of a beautiful vista of nature. Yes, really.

Examples? Take a look.




We're calling bulls**t on some of these, primarily because the images are far too clear and beautiful for someone to dangle their balls over the lens. The sheer mechanics of the situation mean that it's virtually impossible to hang your balls over the lens without knocking over the tripod.

Our guess is that these cajones have been photoshopped into existing nature photography. However, the good folks at Nutscapes.com - which is the premier site for nature and ball-hang imagery - has listed a few handy tips on how to display the jewels over gorgeous landscapes.

1. Find yourself somewhere awesome.

2. Turn your back to the awesome scene.

3. Drop your pants.

4. Bend over and shoot Nutscape back through your legs.


They've also gone to the the trouble of including some helpful hints, including:


- Keep it Loose: sweatpants, athletic shorts, and pants without zippers and buttons make for easiest access.

- Find your balance: adjust width of stance to accommodate hanging state (high or low) of nuts.

- Easy now: when Nutscaping at height use free hand to anchor.

- Mind the tip: we’re not into dick-pics.

- Work together: it’s OK to collaborate when necessary.


That's helpful.


Via Nutscapes.com