As far as conspiracy theories go when it comes to Donald Trump, there really is no end to it.

In a way, the age of Trump has made conspiracy theories a whole lot less fun. The fact that he so gleefully traffics in them himself, rather than standing against disinformation and the like, speaks to his utter abidication of leadership.

Leaving aside the complete batshit craziness of QAnon, one theory that's benign enough and does appear to be have a grain of truth in it is that Melania Trump has had a body double. It'd make sense, to be fair.

Any of the photos or footage of them together seems to point to the fact that she cannot stand his physical presence, so why not get a body double to stand in for her when she doesn't feel like doing any of the campaign stuff?

Well, USA Today did a comprehensive investigation into whether or not Melania Trump had a body double and came back with a reliable 'no'. To be fair, Snopes did do an investigation into this last year and came back with the same answer as well, as did Buzzfeed News.

The reason for the distortion in some images was simply down to the fact that a photographer or photographers' positions, lens, and ambient lighting can dramatically change how someone looks, making them look totally different from shot to shot. It also doesn't help that there's a Secret Service agent in Melania Trump's security detail who looks remarkably similar to her too.

Either way, we can all put this one to bed and hopefully, come next Wednesday or Thursday, we will never, ever have to write about Donald Trump again until he's dead - and even then, there might be something more interesting to talk about then.