His former mistress, that is. Yes, Mel the staunch Catholic, had an affair with a comedian in the late 80s and failed to mention he was still married.

Diana Alouise, who enjoyed a 6-month dalliance with Gibson before learning the truth about his marital situation, told The Globe:

"We had a hot love affair based on sex, alcohol and partying *makes sign of cross and mumbles 3 Hail Marys and a Glory Be*, but it never would have happened if I had known the truth. He told me he was married but that technically he wasn't with his wife anymore. I didn't really have any reason to believe otherwise... If she (Robyn) had to prove that he (Mel) cheated on her so that she could get the settlement, then I would help her. I would stand up in court and do what I needed to do... I still wonder why Robyn stayed with him through it all, but one thing I'm certain of is that she should get half of his fortune. She deserves it."

After hoofing eight out for him? Deeefinitely.