Mel Gibson finally admitted to the world that he and his BFF Oskana Grigorieva are expecting their first child together. Now, as memory serves me right, Sheena did break this news a while ago, so I am feeling slightly smug here that we knew before Mr Leno,

*Woops* While on the show, the Braveheart star, bared all about his split with his ex-wife Robyn, their kids and also the new addition to his fortunes. Saying about his divorce, "I'm to blame.....our marriage ended three years ago and we've been separated ever since"

I tell ya, he is going to be one busy man in his elderly years, think about it. He's 53 years old now, already has seven children, ranging from 10 to 29 years old, is a granddad and Oskana has a son with the very handsome and dreamy Timothy Dalton and now with this new bundle of joy, there will be no stopping him. Go on the Mel, ya stud!

- Alicia Coyle