Why, it's almost like we fought the British Empire to gain independence.

Why yes, there was some kind of War Of Independence that went from 1919 until 1921.

In fact, now that this has been brought up, it's also worth acknowledging the Republic Of Ireland Act of 1948 which repealed the Executive Authority (External Relations) Act 1936 and pretty much abolished King George VI's powers in Ireland ended the British monarchy's involvement in Irish affairs once and for all.

So, y'know, former Suits actor Meghan Markle being crowned a Duchess of Connaught, a part of Ireland that is expressly no longer in Great Britain, seems kind of odd. But, here we are, nonetheless.

Royal commentators believe that the Queen could bring back the dukedom, which was created in 1874 by Queen Victoria and went extinct in 1944, to invest both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as Duchess and Duke.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Richard Fitzwilliams, one of the aforementioned royal commentators, said that "one of the highlights of the queen's reign was her visit to Ireland and there is no doubt it would be seen symbolically as a very important continuation of the close relations that now exist, but we must remember that the Republic of Ireland has existed (for decades) and it just simply isn't conceivable that it could happen without being preceded by substantial debate in Ireland."



Via Independent.ie