Megan Fox officially got herself on Instagram last night. Well, it is one way of attempting to up the friend count... And we say 'officially' as she's unofficially been on it since 2012 courtesy of pages such as these.

She accompanied her inaugural make-up free snap, which sees her wearing a white bathrobe as she gazes into the camera, with the caption: "First IG selfie. Early morning no makeup filter (sic)."

The 28-year-old actress is using the handle the_native_tiger and describes herself as the "Child of the Cherokee Tribe, forest nymph, Lunar Leo mother goddess to two bohemian revolutionaries - my kamikaze free spirit and my peaceful warrior" in the information box. Consider us informed.

Megan announced she'd joined the social networking site on her official Facebook page and told her fans to disregard all of the other accounts claiming to be her.

She wrote: "Hey guys- I am finally on Instagram, follow me at Disregard all the fake ones! (sic)." Who, to date, have been doing quite a good job to be honest.

Meanwhile, the brunette - who has sons Noah, two, and Bodhi, four months, with husband Brian Austin Green - recently admitted she doesn't have many friends because socialising doesn't come naturally to her.

She said: "I consider myself a 'girl's girl' in that I'm not competitive, jealous, or catty but I don't have a ton of female friends - I have one. Her name is Mindy and she's a facialist. I don't have many guy friends, either. I've never been a social butterfly. I don't feel lonely or isolated. I have one really great friend and that's all I need."

Usually she's known to come out with a mountain of crap, but - in this instance - she's spot on.

Megan Fox continues to say stuff best left unsaid: 'first contraction that I got was horrific!'