The 52-year-old actress had a passion for writing as a teenager and only turned to acting as a way of paying her way through college. That's why she wouldn't come across with any answers for Parky back in 2007 - jealousy. If Meg were interviewing Parkinson, she would've done a MUCH better job, you know, by gaining access to his subconcious somehow.

Speaking with The Sun, she said: "My main aim, at 18, was to become a journalist. I only started acting - in commercials - to pay my way through college in New York."

The Sleepless in Seattle star was apparently "intimidated" by everyone around her when she started working and struggled to "understand" her co-stars.

She added: "I was 19 when I was in my first film, Rich And Famous. I played Candice Bergen's (Enid Frick, Carrie Bradshaw's editor at Vogue, to you) daughter and only had about ten lines, which I would repeat constantly every night. When I travelled to Los Angeles, it was the first time I had ever been on a plane. I was intimidated by everyone in those days. If you ever see the film, you will see me shaking in every scene. I did not understand actors. It was overwhelming."

Despite her successful career, Meg - who has 21-year-old son Jack with ex-husband Dennis Quaid - admits she isn't always comfortable with fame and still struggles with rejection: "I've always had mixed feelings about fame. It means that you live out your worst moments in the public eye. I also learned that however successful you might be, you are always going to miss out on something. I took it badly whenever I got turned down for a role. Things either did not get sent to me or went to others first. Acting is like any other business - you are judged with such abandon."

Yep, that still doesn't explain why you were such a giant ASS below.