Minnesota man Jeff Dabe has become a bit of a sensation recently, after the internet found out about his gigantic arms.

52-year-old Dabe possesses 49cm forearms, which according to the experts at the University of Minnesota show no signs of being the result of gigantism and elephantiasis.

Jeff, who was born with the abnormality, made the most of the condition by joining his highschool arm wrestling team, where fans gave him the nickname 'Popeye'. Real original, guys.

Unfortunately Jeff popped out his right arm while competing, leading him to retire from the arm wrestling in 1986. I wasn't until State Champion Josh Handelland visited Dabe's town that he was inspired to return to the sport.

This time using his left arm, Dabe has gone on to become a State Champion himself, and is now a professional, touring America as part of the World Armwrestling League(AWL). Here's a clip of him in action.

Via Daily Mirror