I know we're still ages away from 2016 but Emojis are like Christmas, we hate everyone who talks about them before November.

We're kidding, about the emoji thing at least. Seeing as whoever makes them will have to incorporate them into every keyboard, app, computer, tablet, and phone, they probably need a bit of time to get them ready, so we'll forgive them for posting about next year's little icons in August.

The good people over at Emojipedia have been mocking up the potential emojis for next year, of which there are 38, and they've given us all an advanced look at them. Did we need any more? No, apart from the bacon, we really needed the bacon.

A groom to match the bride

 Dancing man to match salsa lady

Mr and Mrs Claus

Princess and Prince

Pregnant lady

A bunch of new faces

Even more hand gestures

More food and drink

And some animals

Via Metro