Those fockers are continuing to ride Meet The Parents senseless, which is good news for Teri Polo - she doesn't get much movie work between filming, you understand.

She, along with the rest of the cast (apart from Babs), attending the World Premiere in New York last night, and here's what might have been running through here head.

"Man, I am psyched! I'm in the movie again, I'm all dressed up hip and stuff, I'm showing off my boob tattoo and I'm about to get photographed with some of the most respected names in acting' cause I'm the female lead. Well, apart from Barbara and Blythe, but I'm the hot, young female lead, oh yessiree!... So, where are they all?! I'm here... ready, waiting and willing to be photographed with all the men ... oh. First she gets higher billing on IMDB, and now this? Look at her, standing there with all my men. Oh, I guess if I'd dressed like a f***ing haystack instead of hooker chic I would be standing there like I'm Ben Stiller's wife. Maybe I'll get some attention from Dustin Hoffman, he's always frisky. Nope, he's being led off. Right, screw you guys, look, the kids want to be photographed with me! No, really they do - WHEEEEEE! Look at how much fun we're having! Stop wriggling, I'm being fun! See, she likes me! "

Just a thought. In reality, she probably just arrived a bit late and missed the line up. Who am I kidding, she arrived early. Far too early.