Another day, another mugshot gets a modeling contract. It's almost like criminal activity is the new gateway to a career in modeling.

If this sounds familiar to you, it's because it is. Jeremy Meeks was the first 'hot felon' to gain internet fame from his mugshot and end up signed to a modeling agency and walking in New York Fashion Week and now Mekhi Alante Lucky looks set to follow his lead.

Lucky's mugshot first appeared on social media earlier this year after being arrested five times between April and December last year with charges ranging from speeding in a stolen vehicle and alleged assault on a female to alleged breaking and entering and allegedly resisting a public officer.

20-year-old Lucky has however escaped any jail time and signed to Atlanta-based St Claire's Modelling Agency and seeing how quickly he's landed fashion shoots and racked up Instagram followers, we expect he has a healthy career ahead of him.


Photographer @christian__cody Styled by @demantistclaire

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Goal get the shmoney...photographed by @ahmadbarber styled by @demantistclaire

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Via The Mirror