Ireland's homeless crisis is widely recognised to be one of the biggest issues facing Irish society in recent years. 

However, despite the general recognition that something needs to be done to counteract the crisis there is still a prevalent stigma associated with the homeless people of Ireland that needs to be challenged.

One initiative that's hoping to do just that is Pizza Sunday Club. Founded by IT professional Cormac Noonan, Pizza Sunday Club aims to create an environment where the homeless and other members of the public can interact and have fun over a pizza and some music. 

Noonan got the idea for Pizza Sunday Club from his daily commute to work at IT Consulting firm, Accenture. 

"Every day on my way to work I'd pass by homeless people begging on the streets. I'd get a sickening feeling in my stomach looking at a man with pennies in his paper cup as I walked by in my expensive suit after coming from my nice warm bed. I'd look at other people rushing on their way to work, barely noticing the man clearly in need of help. So one day I decided I would help."

It was December last when Cormac and his friend Martin Connolly decided to take the first step in setting up what would become Pizza Sunday Club. 

"I decided to skip a 12 pubs of Christmas I was supposed to attend back home and I spent the money on buying pizzas for some homeless people instead."

"Martin and I spent the day going around Dublin city centre visiting homeless people and sharing pizza with them. We listened to their amazing and heart-breaking stories and I felt a real urge to get to know them more."

With the help of some generous friends, they were able to build the group into what it is today. Bebhinn Nolan designed a logo while a new website for the group was created by Wayworks Ltd.

Cormac and Martin have since made Pizza Sunday Club a weekly event, encouraging as many people as possible, homeless or otherwise to come down and interact with each other.

The response from the homeless people they've encountered so far has been very positive. 

"Every homeless person we have spoken to have been supportive of the initiative and they really do love the pizzas! We received a lovely thank you card from some of the lads which shows they really appreciate it too."

Running the initiative has not been without it's challenges though. It was initially a struggle to raise the funds to afford the pizzas every week but Dominos Rathmines and Apache Pizza Temple Bar have stepped up to the plate by donating 15 pizzas each every week.

Deliveroo and Woodies are another companies that have lended a hand by donating much needed equipment to the cause. 

Pizza Sunday Club isn't all about pizza though, there's music too, all part of creating an atmosphere where the homeless community and other members of the public can feel comfortable interacting with each other. 

"The goal of Pizza Sunday Club is to break the stigma associated with homeless people and get the public to see them as individuals with hopes and dreams of their own. We aim to do this through providing pizza and live music and creating a relaxed atmosphere where homeless people and other members of the public can chat and have fun."

If music and pizza sounds like your ideal Sunday night then why not pop down to the Disney shop on Grafton Street any Sunday from 8.30pm to 10pm. There's no better Sunday to come along than this coming weekend after the All Ireland Final as Dominos have decided to double their usual donation for the day that's in it. 


If you'd like to get involved with Pizza Sunday Club then why not get in touch by emailing [email protected] or visiting their Facebook Page.

You can also sign up for membership to the club on our website for €5 a month. As they get free pizzas every week, money raised is used for other things the homeless need such as clean socks, underpants, sleeping bags etc.