There was an eruption of laughter at a Meath GAA County Board meeting on Monday night when legendary rock singer David Bowie was included in the votes of sympathy read out by Vice Chairman Peter O'Halloran.

O'Halloran announced that Meath GAA would like to extend their sympathy to "the Bowie family in London following the death of David". 

Although it was met with laughter from delegates in attendance, the top table were not one bit impressed. 

“That's not appropriate,” remarked O'Halloran who was reading from a list submitted by club delegates. The list is intended to be used to remember those who have passed away that have an association with Meath GAA.

O'Halloran said:  “I was caught off guard and unwittingly read it out. It drew a short bout of laughing from the delegates before everyone realised it was a prank and the seriousness and reverance that is normally given to this part of a county committee meeting."

“This is an item reserved for deceased Meath gaels who have given different levels of service to the GAA in Meath and is always given the respect it deserves. I am sure Mr Bowie is entitled to a vote of sympathy but by the correct body and the correct manner. I will do my best to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again and I am disappointed that a delegate took this action. I have to admit that in the cold light of day I can't understand why someone would do this. It shows a deep lack of respect to Meath gaels and, indeed, to Mr Bowie also.”

While we agree that offering votes of sympathy to deceased members of the GAA is no laughing matter we doubt the families of deceased Meath Gaels would be too upset about the incident. As for Bowie himself? We think he would have been honoured by it. 

Via Hogan Stand