It was obvious that someone in Westlife HAD to be gay, but the news it was Mark came as a surprise. Why? Because Kian Egan is such a mouthy moo cow, that's why. When asked if Brian would be joining them on stage for their proposed tenth anniversary concert next summer, Kian replied: "No, Brian isn't in Westlife any more. Why would he be joining us? He will be there watching us perform, kicking and screaming inside that he left the band." MIAAAOOW *paws at air*. Seemingly Nicky (whose sexuality should also come into question given that leather shirt) then added: "I am sure he will want to come and cheer us on." He'll have to bring a megaphone or something similar if he wants to be heard; they want to have the gig in Croker which has a capacity of 80,000. That's 80,000 screaming Westlife fans in one place *shudders*.