Like every other business, McDonald's has been adjusting to this (eugh) "new normal". But the takeaway joint is treating us to some nostalgia and yummy treats to help us through these times.

McDonald's today announced that they are test returning a number of familiar favourites to the menu.

So, if you've been missing these items, you'll want to head there right away.

The Apple Pie and Chicken Legend range, which have been among the most frequently requested ‘missing items’ from the menu, are some of the foods returning.

The Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, which proved incredibly popular in August 2019, returns for the long-haul.

The hit Millionaire’s Donut and Toffee Latte have also been added to the menu. Or if you're looking for a healthy sub in, there are also carrot sticks.


Here's the full list of items that are back on the menu in Irish restaurants from today:

- Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

- Chicken Legend - returning with all 3 flavours; Cool Mayo, Spicy and BBQ

- Apple Pie

- Toffee Latte

- Millionaire’s Donut

- Carrot Sticks