Get ready to stuff your faces full of pancakes this Tuesday, as McDonald's have extended the times on when you can buy their breakfast food.

Pancake Tuesday has come around once again, and before you begin to give up all of the chocolate and sweet treats for Lent, it's time to make a batch of fluffy little goodness. But wait - can't someone else do all that flipping for you instead? Leave it to McDonald's then, as they're going to be serving pancakes all. day. long.

We all know that breakfast food is the best type of food, and can be eaten at any time of the day. So you batter believe it, and head to your local McDonald's for a sample of their little stack of heaven.


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From 5am until midnight tomorrow, Tuesday February 25th, McDonald's will be serving their classic three pancakes and syrup for €3.40 all day at their 95 restaurants across Ireland.

So, save yourself the hassle of having yet another pancake fail again this year, and leave the pancake flipping to the professionals.

But just in case you decide to make your own fluffy wonders, here's a reminder of one of the best pancake references in pop culture, brought to you by Jake the Dog from 'Adventure Time'. Bacon on your pancakes, anyone?