Right, nobody panic, it's very important that we all stay calm here. 

Things have not been going well for McDonalds recently, with news that they were planning to change up their menu thanks to falling profits, and now the news that Japan has been hit with what we're calling the "Chip Crisis of 2014". 

While they're still asking "would you like fries with that?" over here, in Japan they've been forced to ration them out to customers and can only offer a small serving of the traditional Big Mac accompaniment for the foreseeable future thanks to the fact that  they've been hit with a shortage. 

Thee reason is manifold: there is a dispute between the dockworkers, terminal operators and shipping lines at many of the ports along the west coast of the United States, where they would get their produce from, and as a result that has nearly doubled the time it takes the shipments to arrive, from two to four weeks. There have also been rail service delays, as well as a shortage of equipment to handle the cargo, all making for a perfect storm that has hit over 3,100 restaurants in Japan laving them without enough fries to go around. 

Customers can order more than one of the small portion of fries, but there is no word yet on when they will see the medium and large reappear in the branches around the country. Hopefully, no such thing will happen here over the Christmas anyway. 

Via The Irish Times. Main pic via Vivek Patankar/Flickr