Brunch is serious business. It’s not just a meal, but a weekend activity that can go on for hours if you do it right.

McDonald’s has decided they want to get in on this  market, perhaps realising that in a world of buttermilk pancakes and huevos rancheros, the humble egg mcmuffin isn’t going to cut it anymore.

They’ve started trialling eggs benedict in some of their branches, using Taiwan as testing ground before deciding whether or not to roll out their new product worldwide.

The McDonald’s version of the classic brunch dish consists of an egg mcmuffin, with the top half of the muffin removed, and replaced by a hollandaise sauce. Judging by the picture, McDonald’s breakfast in Taiwan also offers pancakes, which is something we would love to see in Ireland.

(Image via McDonald's, Tawain website)

We’re not sure how feel about this, but if it ever makes it to Ireland, we’ll definitely give it a go.

Via Metro UK