With all the gourmet burger restaurants that seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere, it was only a matter of time before the big boys got involved. 

McDonalds have clearly noticed the trend for gourmet burgers with all sorts of fancy ingredients making headway into the fast food market, and they look like they're taking their first steps towards altering their menus to reflect that.

The new gourmet burger range is being given its first outing in Australia, where you will be able to put together your own fancy burger, and can choose from different cheeses, sauces and toppings, with 19 in total on offer, from guacamole to beetroot. 

At the moment, the service is only available in one location in Sydney, but they plan to roll it out nationwide in Australia if customers react well to it, and then it may well become available abroad too. 

In the Castle Hill branch of the global fast food chain, you can either order at the counter or use a special touchscreen kiosk, and then indicate where you're going to be seated. The food will then be delivered on a wooden tray with the fancy fries in a basket, and we have to say it doesn't look half bad. Reckon you'd like to get your gourmet grill on at McD's?

Via Mashable