We’ve all been in the same predicament at some point. You’re sitting around at a BBQ, sure it’s sunny, and yeah your drink is ice cold, your friends might even be less than their usual annoying selves, but then the burgers come out, and they’re dry.

Like a Neanderthal you’re left with the choice of ketchup or mayonnaise to save this mess between two buns. Well, when I say “you” I mean we Irish are, because as it turns out McDonald’s are now selling their Big Mac special sauce in Australia for a limited period, opening up their condiment options in a way we've never seen before.

Looks like it's time to start calling in favours from those emigrants you’ve forgotten about but for the odd Skype call, because 920 stores are giving away 600 pots, each containing 25 ml of the stuff. That’s over half a million tubs, so surely between us we can get our hands on one, right?


If you’re really desperate you can always buy some on Ebay, seeing as there’s a limited edition one-off bottle being auctioned for charity. One little snag though, the latest bid is just under €16,000, and with eight days left you can expect to crack open the piggy bank for your final bid.

Someday we might see the same campaign brought over here, or even have the stuff sitting on an aisle in the supermarket, but until then all we can do is complain about this injustice, and get on to KFC and their gravy while we're at it.