If you heard a rumour that McDonald’s are removing the iconic ice cream sundae from their menu, we can confirm from a rep that the rumours are indeed true.

But just before you go thinking that all hope is lost, and that you’ll have nothing yummy and sweet to cool you down in this blazing heat, fear not. McDonald’s have come up with a delicious replacement inspired by another hugely popular item on their menu.

The Mini McFlurry is hitting menus in all McDonald’s restaurants in Ireland this week. In fact from today, there are two limited edition McFlurry flavours, Flake Chocolate and Flake Raspberry, available for a limited time. They will be discontinued from August 7th.

The new Mini McFlurry, which will replace the current 170g regular McFlurry, comes in a lovely little 75g pot.

It is also available in the core flavours of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Oreo and Cadbury Crunchie.

In related news, earlier in the week we saw an internet wide debate about what these frozen, stick-shaped ice pops are called.