Fast food chain McDonalds (you may have heard about them) are on a mission to improve the quality and freshness of their food, and have a load of new strategies to do so, including how they toast their buns.

Chief executive Steve Easterbrook said at a conference this morning that the company are making some organisational changes and "at a more fundamental level we are recommitting to hotter, tastier food across the menu."

They are planning on instructing all restaurants to toast their buns for five seconds longer, which will make them fifteen degrees warmer and will hopefully improve texture and flavour.

While they are also planning on changing “the way we sear and then grill our beef so the patties come off juicier," Easterbrook said.

Going on to say; "It’s the little things that add up to a big difference for our customers."

Given that our intake of McDonalds usually happens about 2am, we're not sure we will even notice the difference, but how and ever, good to know someone is taking our drunken/hungover cravings seriously.

Sigh. Anyone else want a McDonalds now?

Via Buzzfeed