Burger King have offered a truce to their fast food burger joint rivals McDonald's, and all in the name of charity.

The company have launched a campaign asking McDonald's to join them in the hopes of creating the mother of all burgers, the McWhopper. For those of you who are too healthy to even step inside either of those places, hat's a combination of the BK's Whopper and Micky D's Big Mac.

The reason behind the hopeful partnership is simple, it's for the International Day of Peace. All of the sales proceeds raised by the companies will be donated to "Peace One Day, a non-profit that raises awareness for the day of peace, hence the two rivals squashing their beef. 

The proposed burger would consist of a Big Mac bun, its sauce and tomatoes, but would include the four ounces of Whopper meat we've become so accustomed to. 

Burger King hope to set up a number of pop-up restaurants to serve the proposed burger. Their aim is to staff the pop-ups with employees from both chains, and have them wear a customised half-and half uniform.

Unfortunately there's only been one proposed restaurant so far, a car-park in Atlanta that sits right in between both stores.

That mean's only one thing, we're going to have to pester them so much that they not only roll it out all over America, but they bring it to Europe too. You can do that by spamming them over at McWhopper.com. Alternatively, you can just use the site to read up on the whole thing. It's your choice.

Via UniLad