If you're in a TV show for a decade there is no option but to be typecast. Take Jennifer Aniston as an example; any film she's in its "Oh, it's Rachel trying to be kooky" (Along Came Polly) or "Oh, it's Rachel trying to be sexy" (Derailed). The only way of ridding oneself of a persona is to go travel to it's parallel - that's why the first word to drop from Chandler Bing's new character is "c**t". Could Chandler be any more crude? The answer to that would be yes. Peter Tolan, the writer and director of Chandler's new show The End of Steve said: "Matthew (I think he means Chandler) and I are in the process of writing six scripts. Matthew plays an absolute sh*t who has an afternoon talk show in Rochester, New York (whereas in his last TV show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, he was a highly strung script writer for a Saturday Night Live type show). He's stuck there and desperately trying to get out. When you first see him, you see Matthew Perry as you know him on camera and then he walks backstage and it's foul language. The first thing you hear out of his mouth is the 'C' word." Ah, profanity. The cornerstone of lazy scriptwriting - but does it impart the message that you're a serious f***ing actor that isn't stuck doing a c***ing primetime s*itcom?! - F*** YEAH! *air punches*
*You'll have to excuse me. I had a drink with lunch.