If you ever watched 'We Are Marshall', you'll know that Matthew McConaughey's capable of putting together a rousing  speech.

But how would it work in real-life? What if, say, instead of a memorial park that he was doing it wearing a hoody in the middle of a rainy walk in London? Would it be as effective then?

The answer it seems is yes, because McConaughey's pep-talk to Longview High School, Texas where the actor was a student once upon a time. The actor, as it turns out, is in London filming with Guy Ritchie and Colin Farrell for 'Toff Guys', the director's latest crime caper.

Here's the speech McConaughey gave.

As mentioned, it obviously did the trick as Longview High School won their first state championship in 81 years against Beaumont West Brook, finishing 16-0 for the year.

Alright, alright, alright.