So get ready to possibly see a lot more of the Hollywood actor if you're in the west.

Matt Damon's got a not-so-secret love affair with our very own Emerald Isle and if he has his way, could be setting up shop in a lighthouse somewhere along the west coast of the country soon.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, Damon revealed that he fell in love with the country on a previous visit with his wife and kids in 2015 and would happily live here if he could find a lighthouse to live in on the Atlantic coast.

"How awesome would that be? Watching the Atlantic crashing over the Irish cliffs, the rain coming down, the grey skies. I love the weather," he said (that making one person in Ireland who likes the weather).

"That whole geographical area, from Cork to Kerry, Galway, that environment is like nowhere, it’s good for the health. All that air."

"I just have this image, this dream of sitting atop of the lighthouse, looking out to sea, and how beautiful and peaceful that must be. I don’t know if you can buy those, wouldn’t they be State-owned? If you could, I’d do it."

There's one caveat, though: his wife, Luciana.

"Well I’d run it past my wife first, then I’d do it."

We're sure there's somewhere we can make room? Just imagine the sesh when he brings the whole Clooney-Pitt gang over. The Irish pub nearby would never be the same again.

Via Independent