The awkward moment when you think you're being pranked by George Clooney but you're actually just getting fat. Poor Matt Damon.

The 'Bourne Identity' star was convinced his good friend and infamous prankster George had gone into his wardrobe and swapped his suit for a smaller size - but he was dismayed to discover he had simply piled on the pounds.

'A couple of years ago I hadn't been working out and I'd got kind of fat. I had to go to a function and when I tried on my suit, it was too tight. 'My immediate thought was that my buddy George Clooney had hired someone to get into my closet and cut down my clothes. I seriously thought that - until my wife said, very gently, 'Do you think it might be that you've put on some weight?'' You want some aloe for that burn Matt?

This sort of makes Clooney the grand master of pranks, if he can get people to prank themselves fat. Or maybe he was slyly throwing some CalTeen bars into Matt's food when no one was looking. Now we're picturing Clooney in a Hamburglar, which is possibly the greatest mental image ever and needs to happen in real life.