You've got to love it when a Twitter troll bites off more than he can chew. 

Comedian Patton Oswalt took to Twitter to 'criticise' the TrumpCantSwim hastag. 

Of course Oswalt was joking and really wanted #TrumpCantSwim to take off. Which it did, becoming the top trending hastag on Twitter hours after Oswalt's tweets. At least on Twitter user didn't think Oswalt's move was all that funny and decided to take a shot at him. 

You remember Martin Shkreli right? The guy that indulges in the deplorable practice of hiking aids medicine prices up by 5000%.

If you're looking to pick fights on Twitter, it's generally accepted that comedians should be avoided. In particular someone like Oswalt who has a proud history of sending people to the burn unit. Here's the spat in full.  

Wait a second, 'king of queens'?

Of course Shkreli had to have the last word.

Wow. We know who we think won that one but let's head over to our guest judge, Captain America for his verdict.

If Shkreli was mad before he was furious with Evans getting involved.

We cannot stress enough how much we'd love to see these two go toe to toe to determine the 'real' Captain America. 

Via Uproxx