NASA spent millions upon millions of dollars and over nine years sending a robot to another planet, and instead of finding life or water on Mars and being cause for celebration of the engineering and technical brilliance of mankind, it just draws a big willy in the sand. Pats on the back all round.

This image was taken from the Curiosity rover and uploaded to NASA's website and was spotted by juvenile eagle-eyed space fans (but let's be honest, everyone sees a willy here). Now the space agency are saying it's purely coincidental and subject to a certain viewpoint from the Rover that the tracks in the dust look like they do, and that the robot 'traversed more than 10 kilometers over the Martian surface, using a combination of vision-enhanced autonomous drives and simple directed moves'. Sure thing NASA, it definitely wasn't some lads having the craic late at night playing with the controls, but someone still chose that image above all others. Boys will be boys after all.