"I had a hard time agreeing with marriage at all because I feel like it's been warped. Originally, it was two families coming together to make a stronger family. It was about survival - not love or soulmates. And now the way they market marriage - even as a kid through Disney movies - is that it's all about Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet.

"There's this mentality that you need the big dress and the big day - the day every girl gets to be a princess. I didn't agree with any of that. This tradition of obeying your husband like he's your king? It's a load of crap. Love and honour, yes. But you should love and honour yourself too, and all your friends."

"I chose to get married because, essentially, you're given a deck of cards in life. The hand you were dealt with is your family and you can't choose them. But the one person you can choose to bring into your life as your family and to have that unconditional love with is your husband and wife. I'm choosing you as my family and we're going to love each other through thick and thin."

Why yes, this was just a ruse to post a few photos of Alba... who is sadly looking more like a lollipop with each passing day.