A marriage in Hull in the UK was halted when the Groom forgot the Bride's name.

Pakistani man Zubair Khan, 28, and Hungarian woman Beata Szilagyi, 33 were due to tie the knot when Khan called the 'marriage fixer' and couldn't remember his future wife's name. The registrar was present for the call and obviously sussed that something was fishy and notified the authorities, who stopped the wedding going ahead and arrested both the man and the woman, as well the the fixer.

Szilagyi was jailed for 17 months after being convicted, while Khan will serve 20 months for his part in the shame marriage.

Andy Sharpe, from Immigration Enforcement Criminal Investigations (they should really just shorten that to IECI), said: "This was a farcical but nonetheless serious attempt to cheat the UK's immigration laws."

There were reportedly 2,400 suspected sham marriages in 2014 in the UK - but plenty more where the groom remembered the bride's name, we're sure.

Who says romance is dead!? 

Via Sky News