Marouane Fellaini has had a year that he probably wants to forget since he joined Manchester United, and with a new manager coming in, his distinctive trademark big hair will make sure he stands out from the crowd. 

Or, at least it would have had he not chopped it all of this week, and we must admit that he looks totally different, maybe even borderline unrecognisable, without the big mop all over his head. 

Perhaps he did it so that he can blend in to the background a bit and not attract the attention of new manager Louis Van Gaal, who is apparently not too thrilled with the prospect of having Fellaini in his side, if rumours are to be believed. 

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Tragically, those who were planning to sell comedy Fellaini wigs throughout the season next year are now all left with a huge pile of useless stock, unless they can ship them to Paris for all of David Luiz's new fans...

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