Independence Day took place across in America yesterday, a day which commemorates the Declaration of Independence.

Particularly in recent years, however, a day that was traditionally seen as a celebration of "The Land of the Free", complete with fireworks and barbeques in the sizzling sun, has been a topic of great debate. Within many communities, the idea of celebrating the day America became "free" isn't exactly top of the agenda, especially considering how polarizing the country has been on subjects such as "Black Lives Matter", the LGBTQ+ community, and the slave trade which the country was involved in 245 years ago. That's probably why Mark Zuckerberg celebrating the 4th of July in the style that he did this year has caused quite the Twitter storm.

Posting on his Instagram account (which Facebook owns), the social media CEO said "Happy July 4th!" along with an American flag emoji. It was the video of him wakeboarding whilst holding said American flag that caught everyone's attention.

The man that is worth $127.7 billion US dollars set the one minute 11 seconds video to the tune of John Denver’s 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' too.

Naturally, his cringe-worthy, America-loving video caught the internet's attention, and the reaction to it has been quite one-sided. Here are some of the best reactions that we've spotted.

Mark Zuckerberg's 4th of July posting has surprisingly further fuelled the conspiracy theory that he might not be a real person, and is in fact either a robot or a lizard king.