Dublin is about to be blessed with very average burgers in the coming months, as the Wahlbergs are set to open a Wahlburgers in Dublin in the near future.

Speaking to the Sunday Business Post, Paul Wahlberg explained that the company are currently on the look-out for "a high-profile Dublin city centre location that can highlight the signature open-kitchen concept."

Considering there's already a plethora of mediocre burger restaurants in Dublin, throwing another one in on the heap isn't going to make much odds to it. Wahlburgers, of course, isn't the first Hollywood-themed restaurant to open in the city.

Planet Hollywood came and went in the early years of the new millennium, and even had Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand to open the thing - but it lasted all of about five minutes before it closed up shop and became what's now where the Fitzwilliam Hotel stands.

No opening date has been set for Wahlburgers as of yet.